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1. Exercise is Amazing, From the Inside out. I Feel so Alive and Have More Energy

(By----->>Vanessa Hudgens) (Quotes On Fitness and Motivational Fitness Quotes)

2. Fitness is a Curve. You Can be Lance Armstrong, Or You Can be Really out of Shape at the Opposite End. People Enter the Curve Wherever they Are and then they Can Move Up the Curve, By Better Nutrition and Better Exercise.

(By----->>Gordon Strachan)

3. The Last Three Or Four Reps Is What Makes The Muscle Grow. This Area Of Pain Divides A Champion From Someone Who Is Not A Champion.

(By----->>Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seven-Time Mr. Olympia)

4. Exercise is Amazing, from the Inside out. I Feel so Alive and Have More Energy

(By----->>Vanessa Hudgens)

5. Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It

(By---->>Henry David Thoreau, Poet And Philosopher)

6. If You Think Lifting Is Dangerous, Try Being Weak. Being Weak Is Dangerous

(By------>>Bret Contreras, Sports Scientist)

7. You Can Not be Fat and Fast, Too, So Lift, Run, Diet and Work.

(By------>>Hank Stram)

8. All Progress Takes Place Outside The Comfort Zone.

(By------>>Michael John Bobak, Digital Artist)(Best Quotes On Fitness | Motivational Fitness Quotes)

9. Even Though I Am Not a Competitive Athlete, I Have to Still Maintain things and try to Keep yself Fit Because I am at that age Where I Need to make sure to get those regular checkups and make sure Everything is in Fact.

(By------>>Jackie Joyner-Kersee)

10. The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary

(By------>>Vidal Sassoon, Hairstylist And Businessman)

11. The Clock Is Ticking. Are You Becoming The Person You Want To Be?

(By---->>Greg Plitt, Fitness Model)

12. 5 Minutes A Day, Give me just this and I'll Prove I Can Make you a new Man.

(By------->>Charles Atlas)

13. Whether You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can’t, You Are Right

(By------>>Henry Ford, Industrialist)

14. I like to Embrace Natural Beauty. I try to get at least 8 Hours of Sleep, Drinking a lot of Water and Exercising.

(By------>>Tia Mowry)

15. The Successful Warrior Is The Average Man, With Laser Like Focus

(By---->>>Bruce Lee, Actor And Martial Artist)

16. You Must Expect Great Things Of Yourself Before You Can Do Them

(By------>>Michael Jordan, Basketball Player)

17. Action Is The Foundational Key To All Success

(By----->>Pablo Picasso, Visual Artist)

18. Things May Come To Those Who Wait, But Only The Things Left By Those Who Hustle

(By---->>Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States)

19. Well Done Is Better Than Well Said
(By----->>Benjamin Franklin, American Founding Father and inventor)

20. All Our Dreams Can Come True If We Have The Courage To Pursue Them

(By— Walt Disney, Film Producer And Entrepreneur)

21. A Year Ago I Had a Back Injury and Followed a Good Nutrition Program to Help Speed Up My Recovery. I Focused On Exercise And Staying Healthy in Order to get Back Out on the Ice.

(By----->>Sasha Cohen)

22. A Champion Is Someone Who Gets Up When They Can Not

(By—>>>Jack Dempsey, professional boxer)

23. What Hurts Today Makes You Stronger Tomorrow

(By----->>Jay Cutler,  Pro Bodybuilder And Four Time Mr. Olympia)

24. If Something Stands Between You And Your Success, Move It. Never Be Denied

(By---->>Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Actor And Pro Wrestler)

25. Don't Get Hung Up on the Size. If You feel bad about Yourself Because a 12 is What Fits, take a Sharpie, and Write 6 on the Label.

(By------>>Stacy London)

26. If You Want Something You Have Never Had, You Must Be Willing To Do Something You Have Never Done
(By----->>>Thomas Jefferson, Third President Of The United States)

27. You Have To Think It Before You Can Do It. The Mind Is What Makes It All Possible.
(By----->>> Kai Greene, Pro Bodybuilder And Artist)

28. Things Work Out Best For Those Who Make The Best Of How Things Work Out

(By------>>>John Wooden, Basketball Player And Coach)

29. I Would Rather Exercise than Read a Newspaper.

(By------>>Kim Alexis)

30. Success Is Walking From Failure To Failure With No Loss OF Enthusiasm
(By----->>>Winston Churchill, British Statesman And Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom)

31. If We Could Give Every Individual The Right Amount Of Nourishment And Exercise, Not Too Little And Not Too Much, We Would Have Found The Safest Way To Health


32. Exercise Is Done Against One Is Wishes And Maintained Only Because The Alternative Is Worse.

(By----->>>George A. Sheehan)

33. Number One, Like Yourself. Number Two, You Have To Eat Healthy. And Number Three, You Have Got To Squeeze Your Buns. That Is My Formula.

(By------>>>Richard Simmons)

34. There Is A Lot Of People In This World Who Spend So Much Time Watching Their Health That They Haven Not The Time To Enjoy It

(By------>>>Josh Billings)

35. I Didn't Have the Same Fitness or Ability as the Other girls, so I Had to Beat them with my Mind.

(By------>>Martina Hingis) (Quotes On Fitness, Motivational Fitness Quotes)

36. Your Body Is The Church Where Nature Asks To Be Reverenced

(By----->>>Marquis de Sade)

37. Swimming Is Normal For Me. I Am Relaxed. I Am Comfortable, And I Know My Surroundings. It Is My Home.

(By------>>>Michael Phelps)

38. There Is A Lot Of People In This World Who Spend So Much Time Watching Their Health That They Haven Not The Time To Enjoy It

(By------>>>Josh Billings)

39. Here Is What I Tell Anybody and this is What I Believe. The Greatest Gift we Have is the Gift Of Life. We Understand that. That Comes From Our Creator. We Are given A body. Now you May Not Like it, But you can Maximize That Body the best it can be Maximized.

(By------>>>Mike Ditka)

40. Like Most People I can be Lazy, so It Is nice to Have a Goal or Deadline or Reason to Work out. I Feel Better When I get to Exercise, or When i'm Outdoors. I like to hike, Swim and Run, and I Love to Play Soccer.

(By------>>Viggo Mortensen)

41. I Am French, So I Am Quite Lazy About Exercising, And I Smoke. But I Do Love Going For A Run in the Morning With My Dog. That's All.

(By------>>>Eva Green)

42. What Is Important Is to Get Into Shape And Then Not to Have to Worry About It. I Don't Want to Get on stage and not Being Able to do Something. Not Being Physically Fit Does Not Work For Me.

(By------>>>Chris Cornell)

43. There Is A Moment When You get older when your Metabolism Slows Down and you Do Not Feel like Working out any More, so you Do Not want to keep Yourself Fit any More, But That's Your Decision. Why Should You be Judged For It?

(By------>>>Janet Jackson)

44. There is a Moment When you get Older When your Metabolism Slows Down and you Do Not Feel like Working Out any More, so You Do Not Want to Keep Yourself Fit any More, But That Is Your Decision. Why Should You be Judged For it?

(By------>>>Janet Jackson)

45. I Wanted to Get Really Fit. I Wanted to Lose Some Weight. So I Have been Doing Pilates and Yoga, Trying to lean out my Body so I Won Not be Bulky

(By----->>>Serena Williams)

 46. Women Have Fought So Long and Hard for Our Rights and Equality, and Now all Our Attention is Put on Being A Size 0.


 47. Never Hurry. Take Plenty of Exercise. Always be Cheerful. Take all the Sleep you Need. You May Expect to Be Well.

(By----->>James Freeman Clarke)

48. It Is Not like I Was Trying to be Sexy but I had to get Fit because I had to be Able to do Stunts. Also I Wanted that, if Bond Took his Clothes off, he Looked like a Man who did What he Did, Which was Kill People for a Living. I thought the only Way to do that Was to Work Out and get Fit and Buff and get Physically into Shape.

(By------>>>Daniel Craig)

 49. I Have Been through Various Fitness Regimes. I Used to Run About five Miles A Day and I did Aerobics For a While


47. My Bottom Is So Big it's got its Own Gravitational Field.

(By----->>>Carol Vorderman)

50. I Am Not a Waif-y Girl and Never Will be. I think it's Healthy When fitness Experts Encourage Fitness Rather than Getting a Certain Body Shape

(By----->>>Sophia Bush)

51. You Can Not get rid of it with Exercise Alone. You Can do the Most vigorous Exercise and Only Burn Up 300 Calories in an Hour. If you've got Fat on your Body, the Exercise Firms and tones the Muscles. But when You use that tape Measure, What makes it Bigger? It Is the Fat

(By------>>>Jack Lalanne)

52. A Muscle Is Like a Car. If You want it to run Well early in the Morning, you Have to Warm it Up.

(By------->>>Florence Griffith Joyner)

53. The Only Way For A Rich Man to be Healthy is by Exercise and Abstinence, to Live as if he Were Poor.

(By------>>>William Temple)

quotes on fitness
Quotes On Fitness

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