Quote For Fitness Motivation

1. Exercise is Amazing, From the Inside out. I Feel so Alive and Have More Energy

(By----->>Vanessa Hudgens) (Quote For Fitness Motivation)

2. Fitness is a Curve. You Can be Lance Armstrong, Or You Can be Really out of Shape at the Opposite End. People Enter the Curve Wherever they Are and then they Can Move Up the Curve, By Better Nutrition and Better Exercise.

(By----->>Gordon Strachan)

3. The Last Three Or Four Reps Is What Makes The Muscle Grow. This Area Of Pain Divides A Champion From Someone Who Is Not A Champion.

(By----->>Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seven-Time Mr. Olympia)

4. Exercise is Amazing, from the Inside out. I Feel so Alive and Have More Energy

(By----->>Vanessa Hudgens)

5. Success Usually Comes To Those Who Are Too Busy To Be Looking For It

(By---->>Henry David Thoreau, Poet And Philosopher)

6. If You Think Lifting Is Dangerous, Try Being Weak. Being Weak Is Dangerous

(By------>>Bret Contreras, Sports Scientist)

7. You Can Not be Fat and Fast, Too, So Lift, Run, Diet and Work.

(By------>>Hank Stram)

8. All Progress Takes Place Outside The Comfort Zone.

(By------>>Michael John Bobak, Digital Artist)

9. Even Though I Am Not a Competitive Athlete, I Have to Still Maintain things and try to Keep yself Fit Because I am at that age Where I Need to make sure to get those regular checkups and make sure Everything is in Fact.

(By------>>Jackie Joyner-Kersee)

10. The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary

(By------>>Vidal Sassoon, Hairstylist And Businessman)

Quote For Fitness Motivation
Quote For Fitness Motivation

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